Welcome to the Bartender Boxing Organization’s new online training platform called: ‘Stick and Move’.

Our first project under ‘Stick and Move’ is the BBO bartender support program called ‘In Your Corner’, which works by:

  1. Presenting our audience with the ‘Becoming a Boxer’ series: world-class boxing instructional videos and content from the best trainers in the business
  2. Offering a place for our tribe to chat and mingle with members
  3. Provides a platform to make optional DIRECT DONATIONS to our bartenders and trainers. The BBO does not handle any funds

We encourage you to sign-up and enjoy the site. It’s free.

Please visit our members page to make direct donations at a click. This initiative supports the Bartender Boxing Organization’s non-profit mission:

“To change lives across the hospitality industry while supporting communities through the great sport of boxing”

We appreciate your generosity and interest in the sport of boxing. Enjoy the site!

Raj Nagra
BBO Founder & CEO